Run tool get_hashes_from_git_log_in_reverse_order



tpl is a log copied and pasted from git log command (only the chunk that yo want in review).

It will give you all the hashes (small version) that you need to insert in code collaborator from smartbear.
commit 3de9e0d9c100b6e2d6f66021b59617c2f0825451
Author: Edilio Gallardo <>
Date: Mon Jun 9 17:09:41 2014 -0400

add django-dotenv so we don't need to install ruby in dev env

commit 042de68e865e5a511727d4a7817347a3228d368c
Author: Edilio Gallardo <>
Date: Mon Jun 9 16:02:21 2014 -0400

initial shell for xxxx

Category: git

Author: edilio

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